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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Treatment and Prevention using the Alexander Technique

Do you suffer from tension or pain in your neck or shoulders? Millions of people do and most of them have never heard of the wonderful results that so many people have had through learning the Alexander Technique.

A healthy human neck is extremely strong and resilient and also very versatile and flexible.

It not only supports the head and enables it to turn, nod and tilt sideways, but also in many areas of the world people carry loads of half their own weight or more, balanced on their head and therefore supported by their neck.

Unfortunately many people suffer pain in their necks.

Very often it is also due to habitual postural misuse, misalignment and excess tension. In fact these factors almost always accompany the other causes in making the problem worse.

In virtually all cases of neck pain weakness injury or tension the Alexander Technique can help to alleviate the symptoms.

The Alexander Technique does not work by trying to tackle specific problems or symptoms. It works by teaching us how to RELAX and reduce tension, even when we are active or in demanding situations and also to use our bodies more efficiently. (Efficient means getting more done with less effort!)

It also works by re—establishing the natural alignment of our bodies. It therefore also restores the conditions which are the most likely to prevent problems from occurring.

Our tension and poor postural habits get in the way of our Natural Poise and our natural Freedom and Ease of Movement. Alexander Teachers do not teach “Posture”, but how to get out of the way of our natural poise.

As we decrease our excess tension our necks and bodies re—align, so wear and tear reduces and our bodies are better able to repair themselves and reverse degenerative processes.

Even where repair is not possible, your relaxation and re—alignment will tend to bring about the least discomfort and the greatest health and mobility that are possible under the circumstances.


A great many people have been very pleasantly surprised at the relief from pain and also the calmness and greater ease and freedom of movement they have experienced since learning the Alexander Technique.



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